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Waterfall City
Halfway down the Polongo River sits Waterfall City, Dinotopia's western center of culture and learning. It has fallen a little from its glory since the trade routes to Chandara were closed. Waterfall City has always been a mecca for the island's artists and craftsmen who come to take advantage of the library, the Musician's Inn, the Concert Hall, and the city's many museums and galleries. The noise and the mist generated by the falls are so powerful that they are a constant presence in the city's atmosphere.

This village is made of three sailing ships upended, their bowsprits joining to form a canopy between them. Bilgewater began life with the wreck of a small fleet of English galleons escaping the Spanish Armada in 1638. The hulks were floated, pulled overland, and raised in their present position near the Splendine Forest.

The capital of Dinotopia, on the eastern shore of Dolphin Bay, Sauropolis was designed and built by dinosaurs, who prefer the Roman style, which is readily visible in its broad avenues, many arches, heavy use of marble, and grand (not to mention ever so slightly pretentious) monuments. Every major structure has an arched entry fifty feet high to accommodate the larger citizens. Smaller creatures find their way up ladders to perches or nest baskets inside steeples and domes.

Once the jewel of the Belt Road, Ruhmsburg is a ruined city that suffered from the loss of trade and from a series of earthquakes that have brought down its once-magnificent architecture. The Ruhmsburg Bridge is the only feature still largely intact. There, in a makeshift house atop one of the crumbling towers, lives Cornelius Marzurka and his Therizinosaurus, Henriette.

Jorotongo is one of Dinotopia's peregrine villages, never staying in one place on the map. Every few years the entire settlement is taken apart and rebuilt in a new location. The people of Jorotongo descended form a group of Puritans on the Sunflower, a sister ship to the Mayflower. The Sunflower left England in 1620 but was lost at sea and never accounted for in the world outside.

This fortified desert city lies at the crossroads of several ancient trade routes and is famous for its waters, drawn from the Subamu River, which courses through caverns deep underground. It is the home to Dinotopia's best mathematicians and masters of tile work. The Kentrosaurus bakery is known for its torus-shaped bread loaves. In its market, where sums are worked on a giant dinosaur-mounted abacus, the visitor can experience the bewitching aromas of the curries from Meeramu, the sweet fragrance of wood in the lute maker's workshops, and the fruity tang of the oranges from Fimli.

One of the seated colossi made as a gift from King Ogthar to Queen Almestra during the Fifth Kingdom of the Chandaran civilization, this desert monument is hollowed out for habitation. At different times in its history it has been the home of strutter-men, mystics, and farmers, but now it is the headquarters for some of the advanced flying training of Will Denison, Sylvia Romano, and other young skybax pilots.

Blackwood Flats
Visitors to this region are the prey of biting insects, poisonous snakes, and carnivorous saurians, including the tiger-striped Allosaurus, which nests here, and the red-faced Tyrannosaurus, a scavenger. A careful explorer might be able to survive with good camouflage and a light step.

One of the summit villages in the Forbidden Mountains, Thermala must rely on helium-filled sky galleys for its supplies, for it is higher than Kangduk, the terminus of the Paraceratherium caravans. Most people and mammals who grow up in this center of weaving and storytelling leave it only once, at age seventeen, to experience life in the lowlands of Dinotopia.

Teleost is one of the "windmill villages" in a region of terraced farms carved in the hills near Chandara. A steady breeze sweeps up the valley, turning the sails of a variety of wind-operated devices. Plowing is accomplished by the Anchiceratops using a see-saw plow, which, unlike a standard plow, can easily change direction in the narrow terraces.

The legendary capital of Dinotopia's east, Chandara has long been shrouded in mystery and was closed off in recent times from western traders and travelers. Several times in its nearly 6,000-year history, waves of invading saurians have tried to plunder the Chandara riches, but each group has been converted and absorbed by the magic of the city. The city borders the Zhengtao River. Concentric canals and broad avenues radiate like spokes around the central hub of the Imperial Palace. In this remote and lofty height lives the beloved and elusive emperor Hugo Khan.

Locations taken from the official Dinotopia page.

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