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What happens when I arrive?
You wake up, shipwrecked on the beach. A few NPC farmers and their dinosaur companions will come to your aid and take you to Sauropolis, to the hatchery where you are given a network scroll. It's not far. On the way you can handwave the farmers answering the basic questions--where is this (Dinotopia), how did I get here (looks like a shipwreck to me), and what do I do now (you'd best settle in).
How does the network scroll work?
Simply write on it and your entry is echoed across every network scroll in Dinotopia. Alternatively, touch it and speak to it, and it will record an audio or video entry. Scroll downwards to read entries by other people.
What about the language barrier?
All player characters can understand each other and all of the humans in Dinotopia. Dinosaurs can speak, but can only write in the Dinotopian alphabet. Characters must learn to read that if they'd like to read what the dinosaurs are saying. All entries on the network scrolls appear in your character's native language.
So I can do pretty much anything here?
Within reason, yes. It's very much a sandbox sort of place geared at slice of life, however crazy one's life may be. Set up shop. Make a home. Settle in, you'll be here a long time.
Even be evil?
Yes please! As there are not mod-run antagonists at this time, player run antagonists are more than welcome.
Even kill people?
Be aware that the island of Dinotopia has a fully functioning legal system. You'll want to make sure you aren't caught if you plan to do something of that nature, otherwise you may be doing most of your RPing from a cell.
How does death work?
You wake up with nothing but your clothes on your person, regardless of what you were carrying, in the hatchery. No one seems to know how or why this is. Any items you had on you besides your clothes are lost.
Can we canon update our characters?
Due to the fact that your characters cannot leave the island, canon updates are not possible at this time.
What is the character limit?
Currently the character limit is five, with no more than two from the same canon.
Can I bring an OC?
Think about who made this game. Think about your question.
Are AUs allowed?
AU versions of canon characters are allowed, for example "What if Neville was the chosen one instead of Harry?"'s Neville is allowed. AU OCs are not allowed. For example "What if Emperor Palpatine had a daughter?"'s daughter is not allowed. These characters need to be okayed with Tally before joining, though.
Are there age limits?
No, your characters can be any age, and the players can be any age.
So we can RP smut and gore?
As long as it's marked and friends locked, yes. Remember to trigger warn any potentially triggering content.
What about pregnancy?
Pregnancy is not allowed at this time.
Are powers limited?
No, powers are not limited. Please be responsible roleplayers and don't abuse this.
Tell me more about the dinosaurs!
Dinosaurs in Dinotopia are not pet-like. They are sentient creatures in and of themselves, capable of writing and communicating with humans. They may not be kept as pets, but they may be befriended.

Won't you stay in our prehistoric utopia?