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You awaken on the shore of the ocean. The remains of a shipwreck are around you. But don't worry, you're not alone. A few farmers and their dinosaur companions are hurrying over to you, making sure you're all right. They'll be happy to take you to Sauropolis, where you can settle in and make yourself at home. You'd best be ready to make a living, as well, because no one yet has been able to escape from the island of Dinotopia. Fierce weather and dangerous reefs destroy any boats that try to leave. You'll wind up washed up on the beach once again if you try.

Welcome to Dinotopia! Once your character arrives in Sauropolis, they'll be given a scroll at the hatchery. Writing on the scroll copies it to every other connected scroll in the network. Touching it and speaking to it records video or audio (it seems to know which you'd prefer at any given time). While you can stay at the hatchery in exchange for only chores, it's a busy place. You'll want to find employment and move out as soon as possible. Unless you like dinosaur babies.

In Dinotopia, people and dinosaurs live in peaceful interdependence. The humans come from all places and times—shipwrecked men and women rescued by the dolphins and carried to the shores of this land apart from time. The dinosaurs appreciate the skills and liveliness of Homo sapiens, while humans benefit from the dinosaurs' experience of more than 100 million years of survival. (It should be noted that not all dinosaurs participate in this harmonious exchange. There are a few meat eaters on the island.) All of the dinosaurs in Dinotopia correspond to actual fossil species.

Arthur Denison's journals give evidence of civilization going back more than 5,000 years in Dinotopia. There have been periods of advanced technology, warfare, and empire building, all of which have left their traces on the architecture and culture of the present-day island. Among the few who have succeeded in escaping the island is a saurian architect-scribe named Djhuty, who navigated through Dinotopia's protective circle of storms and reefs, and in his retirement established the Egyptian civilization.

The early Dinotopian dinosaurs left footprint messages in the form of three-toed dinosaur tracks on muddy and sandy riverbanks. These combinations of tracks became the official dinosaur language, used to communicate with humans. In Chandara, Footprint Amphitheatres allow dinosaurs to write stories for the amusement of an entire audience.

Some text taken from
the Dinotopia official site.

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